Manufacturing Studies

manufacturing studies

Our Studies

Our manufacturing and maintenance studies are comprehensive.  Intervale has the ability to go into an operating plant and evaluate all aspects of the operation and technology utilized and identify gaps in world-class performance and best available technology.

To evaluate the capabilities of each section of a chemicals or polymers plant and each major piece of equipment, Intervale will collect and evaluate information on the current design and operation of the plant.

The following information will be reviewed to determine the modifications necessary to achieve improvements in performance:

PFDs and PIDs

Equipment specifications

Process control schemes

Standard operating and maintenance procedures/practices

Standard Safety and Environmental procedures/practices

Operating parameters including temperatures, pressures

Plant and section throughput

Section and overall plant stream factor

Scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns

Mechanical failures and causes

Raw material, intermediate product and final product composition

The above information will be evaluated to identify the areas of the plant, the major pieces of equipment, and operating and maintenance practices that are limiting plant efficiency and capacity. For each of the limiting aspects identified, Intervale will prioritize and develop initiatives to resolve the selected deficiencies. A capital cost estimate (±25%) and economic justification for each of the initiatives will also be developed where capital improvements are needed.

In a recent study of the chlor-alkali, vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride assets of a major international operating company, Intervale conducted a study of five separate manufacturing sites, identifying changes projected to yield an increased net cash margin of over $6 million per year.

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